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Precision Farming FAQs

What is manual guidance?

Manual guidance systems consist of a lightbar with an integrated display and GPS receiver that show customers where they are in a field and where they need to steer to in order to be on track. The guidance line is computed based on the line that is set and the implement width that it entered.

Can I afford guidance for my broad acre applications such as spraying and spreading fertilizer, even if I am not a large farmer?

Yes, the prices of GPS guidance systems have come down significantly in the last two years, making it affordable to even small farmers.

Can I plant with manual guidance?

Broad acre planting or drilling is possible, but row crop planting is not recommended. To plant in row crop situations in broad acre where more accuracy is desired, an EZ-Steer or Autopilot system is recommended.

What accuracy can I expect with manual guidance?

GPS accuracy will be determined by the receiver and antenna used. Accuracies range from sub-meter, to 6-8 inch pass to pass. Higher accuracies can be achieved by upgrading to different antennas or receivers. Ultimately, you could go all the way to 1" accuracy, however, the ability of a driver to follow the lightbar and react fast enough manually limits the usable accuracy to about 6 inches. If more accuracy is needed then an EZ-Steer or Autopilot system would be the answer.

What is pass to pass accuracy?

Pass to pass accuracy is the accuracy seen when the pass is made within 10-15 minutes of the last past.

What is repeatable accuracy?

Repeatable accuracy is the accuracy that can be expected when coming back to a point after a 24 hour period. This could be 1 day, or 1 year later.

Do most manual guidance systems quote pass to pass accuracy?

No. Precision farming is a process that requires consistency and commitment. The knowledge gained from the new technologies help a farmer better analyze and manage his land more efficiently. More information about the conditions of crops and soil leads to better agricultural practices, and results will begin to show when a farmer matches the practices with the specific needs of the land.

Why should I use precision farming?

Farmers often use precision farming in order to improve their time management during peak seasons. In addition, precision farming promotes sustainable agriculture while helping to lower the cost of input expenses and ultimately increase yields. GPS devices record work completed and allow a farmer to retrace his path when he returns to the field in the future.

What are the differences in the EZ-Guide 500 and EZ-Guide 250?
The EZ-Guide 500 was the first lightbar that included an integrated receiver capable of accuracies of up to 1", using RTK correction. The basic system comes WAAS enabled, but the unit can be easily upgraded to Omnistar XP or HP, or RTK by simply purchasing the upgrade.

The EZ-Guide 250 is the newest in the Trimble lightbar family. This lightbar is the most affordable, while still offering many features. These features include, color screen, LED's across the top, mapping capability, and the ability to upgrade to automatic steering using the EZ-Steer.
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